Premium Oil Concentrate.

100% Cannabis Derived Terpenes. Pesticide Free. Additive free. No PG, VG, MCT or Vitamin E.

Quality Over Everything.

Only the purest quality of concentrate through our method of Solvent-Free Distillation.

Top-of-the-Line Cartridge System

Only the best cartridges for the best experience.
Made by the GCC Team

Made by the GCC Team

Cartridges that are hand-assembled by the best team.




We believe providing quality products, goes a long way to establish dominance in this industry.
It builds trust and lets our products speak for themselves. We channel all unnecessary expenses as advert go
to improving the quality of cartridges.


Without our customers, we believe we are nothing. All the years of research to bring the best vape cartridge to the market,
will be worth nothing if the very people we want to please our not satisfied. We take great concern to make our customers are satisfied with our
products and services.

24/7 Dedicated Support

When you have a question, our member services agents are here to help provide real-time support for any issues you may have. 


At our very core as a company striving success and market dominance, we have the best team we can rely on for their quality services to our customers.
Our services are one of a kind and has secured us recurring sales


With state of the art security, we make sure our customers informations collected are safe and securely held with the best encryption.
We only collect the informations needed to provide you with our outstanding services.